REGISTRATION for the Virtual ICCM Europe conference is now open.

It is FREE to register and take part in this conference. It will take only a few minutes to complete this form. Please register as soon as possible and encourage your friends and colleagues to register too.

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  • Which name/label will you use during online meetings? It helps if you use a name others will recognize. Please understand we will not allow unknown people to join virtual meetings.
  • To provide you the latest ICCM EU information like important links to online meetings we would like to invite you to join the free direct messaging app Moxtra. See information underneath this form. Please provide the email address you will use for Moxtra. All participants in a Moxtra group can see your Moxtra name and e-mail address. Moxtra registration is simple and does NOT need a phone number
  • After approving your registration we would like to invite you to the Moxtra groups. This might take a few days. Please let us know how soon you plan to register with Moxtra. We plan to use this as the main communication channel.

Extra information:

To keep you up to date, before and during the conference, we would like to send you direct messages through the free Moxtra app.

More information on registering and downloading this app can be found on this page